The Taking of Ireland

©Ulf Gunnarson (John Ruble)

Turgis did lead us to Ireland,
the dragon ships leapt for the shore after him.
With the wolf of the shield and the bane of the helm,
we won for the Northmen a new Irish realm.
We beached in the north and we fought our way down
to the mouth of the Shannon where Ran's daughters pound.
We beat them at sea and again on the hoof
'til the banshee were wailin' upon every roof.

Hone your blades to an edge so fell.
Dip your swords in the ocean's swell.
We ride from the North like the winds of Hel
to take land in fair Ireland!

We built up our towns and we laid out our fields.
Our craftsmen wrought wonders, great works did they yield.
We traded for cattle with furs and with corn,
and there in our houses our children were born.
But the Irish were wary, trust not our good mein.
They wanted us out so they called on the Danes:
"Come rid us of Northmen, we'll lend you our aid."
But the Irish knew not of the price they would pay!


The Danes came to battle with fire and steel.
Our houses they burned and our children they killed.
The Irish were proud of these Black Foreigners,
whom to St. Patrick made sacrifices.
But the pillage stopped not when we're pushed from the shore.
The Danes came for plunder, now Irish blood poured.
St. Patrick was deaf to their prayers and their pleas
as the cries of their women were lost on the breeze.


Ireland fell under a black Danish horde;
those who had called them now under the sword.
But the Norse did gather to win back out homes,
and once more the dragon ships westerly roamed!
Olaf did lead us, and Ivar, his kin.
Those who had shunned us now helped us to win.
We won back our cattle, our homes, and our fields.
We came here to stay and we never will yield!