Bard of Elfsea

©Ulf Gunnarson (John Ruble)

Upon the occasion of the elevation of Galen and Alisandre to the position
of Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, by Ulf Gunnarsson, Premier Bard of
Ansteorra and former Bard of Elfsea, as presented to Their Excellencies at Their
Investiture, May 13th, A.S. XXXV.

Galen of Bristol, golden
Giver of rings.  Thingman.
Viscount of the Viking
Draconwald attackers.

Here the noted knight who
Knows the words of warrior.
Kingdom Skald so skillfull
Hailed and served as Pelican.

Fair the witty white armed
Woman who pours for warrior.
Alisandre also
Amply sets his table.

Here the Elfsea Hersir and
Hersirskona fairest.
Lift your horn with laughter:
Life is Good in Elfsea.