The Wabbit Belongs to Me

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

I once was a weak ineffectual wimp
Till the Hoard made a man out of me.
Now I'm a Mongol Fierce and Bold.
And the Wabbit belongs to me.

A Mongol's no Mongol or so I am told,
Unless he has a Trusty stead.
The Tasmanian Devil's the mount I ride.
And the Wabbit belongs to me.

I'll have Daffy the Duck A La Orange tonight.
Tomorrow Foghorn Fricassee.
Sylvester can have the Tweety Bird,
But the Wabbit belongs to me.

Pepe la Pew's a wet spot on the road.
The Coyote's his own enemy.
I sent Granny a serenade sung by Yang.
And the Wabbit belongs to me.

The Monster's out fighting Yosemite Sam.
Perhaps that will keep them Busy.
If not then I'll deal with them both myself.
Cause the Wabbit belongs to ME!

Road Runner's been saddled by Speedy the Mouse.
And he rides alongside of me.
Let Buggs try to outrun the two of them!
The Wabbit belongs..
The Wabbit belongs...
The Wabbit belongs to me.

Robert's note: This song is a Filk of a Filk. Members of the Great Dark Horde sing a song called Tomorrow belongs to me, which I am told is a filk of a song of the same name in the musical Caberet. One evenng I was wondering what might happen if Elmer Fudd joined the Great Dark Horde, (Well. haven't you wondered?). This song was the result. I'm told it's rather popular amoung the Horde.

To be effective the song must be performed with an Elmer Fudd impression. I have not tried to recreate the lisp in the text. Use your own judgement. After the last line, do a little "Fudd laugh", it always gets the best laugh of the song.