©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

If ever you should visit Anstaeorra one fine day.
We'd hope to make you welcome, and that you enjoy your stay.
But if you wonder at our customs, what to do and what to say.
Perhaps this rhyme of mine will help to ease your way.

Etiquette in Anstaeorra really isn't all that tough.
Simple courtesy and manners will do you well enough.
But if you want to do things right, as one who knows the score.
Then you must prepare a bit and learn a little more.

We bow before our King and Queen as all good subjects do.
But when we pass the empty thrones we bow before them too.
The Crown of Anstaeorra is it'self held in renown.
We do honor to the office AND the one beneath the crown.

When from time to time we are called before the thrones.
An Anstaeorran need not set aside the steel she owns.
Our Crowns have naught to fear from us, a man may freely bring,
Such weapons as he carries when he comes before the King.

When the day is ending and we're gathered for the feast.
And we all sit down together from the greatest to the least.
Before you lift your glass in toast and drink a good drought down
Remember by tradition the first toast is to the Crown.

When a presentation's made or an award is given out.
And to show support the populace is inclined to give a shout.
We do not shout "Huzzah!" here we don't shout "Hip, Hip Hurray!"
When we want to show approval Vivat's the word to say.

The Heralds can explain how awards work in our land.
And if you want to know our combat rules there are Marshals close at hand.
My intention was to clarify a courtly rule or two.
So that when you come to visit you'll know just what to do. 
Each kingdom does things it's own way. And this is for the best.
Each land has it's own history. Each different from the rest.
The differences between us run deeper than our name.
But our world would be much poorer if each kingdom were the same.

Robert's note: Ansteorra used to have an anual Interkingdom Peace with Calontier. It was a really great event and I miss it. As part of the event we would do an Interkingdom Bardic Project. A theme would be decided on and Bards from both kingdoms would give performances on that theme. Some of the finest performances I've witnessed in the SCA came out of those events. I participated in five of the Interkingdom Pardic Projects. This piece was from Interkingdom VIII where the theme was the history and traditions of our Kingdoms.