The Shield of The North

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

The cry issued forth through the lands of the Blackstar.
Mahdi the Sultan needs warriors for Gulfwars.
The Lion must travel to Meridian lands,
Against bold Trimaris the Lion must stand.
Strong are their warriors many their friends.
Mahdi the Sultan will need many men.
Far to the North most northern of all,
Moonschadowe and Northkeep would answer the call.
Two troops of fine warriors, each differently trained.
By combining their forces great strength might be gained.
With hard work and practice and many battles fought,
Men new to arms by veterans were taught.
They challenged each other, in battles contested,
And awaited the day when their strength would be tested.
They traveled to Gulfwar their prowess to show.
The worth of their warriors the foe would soon know.
They held in the field and would not be moved.
In the fierce fray of battle their valor was proved.
They held at the fort and held yet again.
The fierce foe who fought them lost many fine men.
Let the praises ring out. Let the word-fame go forth,
For Moonschadowe and Northkeep. The Shield of the North. 

Robert's note: This was written at Gulf War V, where Northkeep and Moonschadowe fought together as a unit, and did extremly well. I was very proud to have been a part of it.