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Robert Fitzmorgan

Resident of the Barony of Northkeep

I am Robert Fitzmorgan, apprentice to Mistress Catrin ferch Gwillym. I found the SCA in AS. XX (1985). My home is the Barony of Northkeep. While I do many things I consider myself first and foremost a Bard. I sing occasionaly but mostly I'm a poet and a storyteller.

My persona is that of a Troubadour in 12th C. Provance. Particular areas I have studied as a Bard, include the poetry of the Troubadours, the Chivalric Romances of Charlemagne and Arthur, and writing poetry using period verse forms.

My other interests include, Heraldry and Woodworking.

Here are a few of my poems and songs. Please email me at fitzmorgan*at*

See Copyright Notice.


Drastic Changes
The Wabbit Belongs to Me


The Challenge
Fair Elenore
Lest we For Love
A Fine Fast Hawk
Jamie the Farmer
Into The Night
Northkeep Fair
Othar's Charge
Uncharted Realms
The Shield of the North
Between The Towers
The Drunkard's Weird
Those Who Serve
Life is Good in Elfsea
Waking the Dream
Firm Is The Foundation Of The Tower