Uncharted Realms

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

As we boldly set our course for realms uncharted,
Sailing forth into a future that's unclear,
We must face the voyage with courage, not faint-hearted.
For now's the time for hope, not for fear.
Troubled are  the waters our ship sails.
Strange are the realms that we explore.
Yet opportunities are missed when courage fails.
And we never leave the safety of the shore.
So we point our bow toward a distant star.
We don't know where we'll be when this voyage ends.
Home for us is wherever we are.
For we travel in the company of friends.
	Come join us on our journey.  Take a chance!
	Life is for adventure and romance.

Robert's note: Uncharted Realms is written using the rhyme scheme of the Shakespearian sonnet, though it doesn't follow the meter strictly.