©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

They came from  the keep from the north of the kingdom.
Hard fighting heroes, heavy with war gear.
Shield-men and spear-men, swift striking archers.
Bold band of warriors came seeking battle.
A party of patriots, pride of the kingdom.
In strength and in spirit second to none.
With wooden tower brought for the Warlord.
To fight  the fierce foe,  from Northkeep they came.
Bearing the banner, the king’s battle ribbon.
With Mooneschadowe shire,  sharing that honor.
Held high the banner in the heat of the battle.
Through destruction and death, defending the flag.
Fiercely they fought the foes of the kingdom.
Proving their prowess,  proud fighting band.
Boldly the Baron led his proud war band.
Swift striking archers scattered the foe.
Protecting the pennon,  Rowan was pierced.
And buried the banner beneath her that day.
Fiercely the Frank flew into battle.
Swift sharp spears slew many Trimarians.
Few were the foe who felt not their blows.
When the fighting was finished they sat round the fires.
Telling the tales of deeds done that day.
Back  to the border went the bold warriors.
To hearth and to home the heroes returned.
To sharpen their swords and arrows and spears.
Watching and waiting for the next call to war.

Robert's note: Another Poem of Gulf War