©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

As the day fades into evening,
And the night is drawing near,
And I make my way toward my home,
And the family I hold dear,
My thoughts go often wandering,
And in memory I roam,
In the land of Ansteorra
To the Shire of Mooneschadowe

In Mooneschadowe, In Ansteorra
It was there I found the dream.
Where first I gazed in wonder
At the shining Black Star's gleam.
Where Chivalry and honor
And the high ideals of old,
Live and breathe in Ansteorra
In the shire of Mooneschadowe

In the bloody heat of battle,
At the forefront of the war,
In defense of Ansteorra
Hear the Lion-Dragon Roar!
With arms and hearts united
As they lift their voice in song.
The beating heart of Ansteorra
Is the shire of Mooneschadowe.

As I stop and think on friendship,
And the joy that friendship brings
My heart soars up within me
And I lift my voice to sing.
Of the shire that made me welcome
And then claimed me as their own.
In the north of Ansteorra
Was my home in Mooneschadowe.

It was there I learned life's lessons.
There I grew into a man
Till the life that I have chosen
Took me to a distant land.
Where I've built myself a life now.
Took a wife and built a home,
Many miles from Ansteorra
And my life in Mooneschadowe.

The fairest Flower of Ansteorra
Is the shire of Mooneschadowe

Robert's note: I try to write a poem or song for every group that does me the honor of choosing me as their bard. This is the song I wrote of Mooneschadowe.