Firm is the Foundation of the Tower

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

On Northkeeps arms you'll find a single spire.
A Tower of Sable there for all to see.
For a tower and likewise for a shire,
A poor foundation brings catastrophe.
But when it's built with skill and artistry,
It stands forth as a citadel of power.
And when a shire is firm in unity,
Then Firm is the Foundation of the Tower.

Within this shire are many to admire.
For honor, skill and generosity.
A people full of hope with hearts afire.
A Tower to withstand adversity.
Looking forward to tomorrow and what will be.
Undaunted by the troubles of the hour.
When challenges are welcomed willingly.
Then Firm is the Foundation of the Tower.

Good gentles all it is my heart's desire,
To return again the kindnesses shown me.
Accept the love of your humble versifier,
And these words that were written thankfully.
And let me say with total certinty.
That Northkeep your people are your flower!
And as you make your way with integrity.
Then Firm is the Foundation of the Tower.

Mistress, I say with all sincerity,
And let it echo forth from every hill and bower,
When the shire is served by people such as thee,
Then Firm is the Foundation of the Tower.

Robert's note: I wrote this during my tenure as the third Bard of Northkeep. It is in the form of the Ballade, a popular verse form in medieval France. I feel that it is the best and truest poem I've written. I'm very proud that Northkeep has become a Barony, and still more proud of how fine a Barony we've become. My only regret is that it has pushed this poem into retirement. The last four lines of a Ballade form the 'Envoi' and traditionally dedicate the poem to the poet's patron. The "Mistress" in this envoi is Mistress Catrin ferch Gwillym.