Life is Good in Elfsea

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

Life is good in Elfsea!
I've often heard the cry.
So I traveled to this barony
To Learn the reasons why.

I found Brave warriors, strong and bold
Elfsea's Arthurian company.
With Skill and honor they uphold
The high ideals of chivalry.

Many a skillful bard I found,
With song and poem to inspire.
When the bards of Elfsea come around
Make room for them around your fire.

Artisans with work and care
Knowledge, grace and artistry,
Beautify our kingdom fair,
With skill and generosity.

The Baroness and baron here
Possessed of true nobility,
Tend their lands with love and care
Grace and generosity.

The people here hold honor dear,
With friendship, grace and courtesy
So it's no surprise at all to hear 
That Life is Good in Elfsea!

Robert's note: I wrote this poem for The Barony of Elfsea when I was the Bard of Elfsea.