Fair Elenore

©Robert Fitzmorgan (Gordon Scott Fridenberg)

A verse I give for fair Elenore,
The eagle of England the one I adore,
Whose wings have been clipped she can no longer soar.
Fair Elenore,
Oh to see her smile once more.
Fair Elenore.

In saying I love her perhaps I do err.
But with just one smile my heart she ensnared.
Her laughter, her dancing, her beauty so rare.
Perhaps I do err,
But I gladly would die her bed once to share,
Perhaps I do err.

But I feel in my heart love cannot be wrong.
The sound of her voice like the sirens song,
I cannot resist her, I am not that strong.
Love cannot be wrong.
My heart forever to her to her does belong.
Love cannot be wrong.

Oh how I long to feel her embrace.
Think this not lust, tis nothing so base.
But to win her love I lack the grace,
To feel her embrace,
To taste her lips, like ambrosia must taste.
To feel her embrace.
...but enough of this.
She fought her lord Henry, her children to save.
Never was seen a woman so brave.
Of all she possessed so freely she gave,
Her children to save.
But by her own ...nobles? she was betrayed.
Their titles to save.

She used to sing, she used to dance.
The most beautiful woman in all of France.
She could capture a man's soul with just a glance.
She used to dance.
The strength of her spirit her beauty enhanced.
She used to dance.

But now she is captive far from her home.
Barred from her freedom, her music, her poems.
She sits now imprisoned, she once graced a throne.
Far from her home.
She gave joy to so many now she suffers alone,
Far from her home.

Unbar the door and let her go free.
Mercy befits a king such as thee.
My lord I beg thee on bended knee,
Let her go free.
Henry Fitzempress hear now my plea,
Let her go free.

Robert's note: This was the first poem I wrote for the SCA. At the 5th Interkingdom Peace with Calontir I was asked to take part in the Interkingdom Bardic Project. The theme that year was The Nine Worthy Women, a follow-up to the previous years project, The Nine Worthies. I chose Elenore of Aquitane as my subject. The verse form is my own, but I studied the verse forms of the Troubadours and tried to capture feel of their poetry.