Spices and Gold

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Beorn	-	I was raised a son of Thor,
		Knee high to a dream,
		Raised on tales of blood and war,
		Soul of the wild North Sea,

		My father was a trading man,
		He traded steel for gold,
		He left his heart on a foreign land,
		Life's blood in the snow,

		So when I came of age I took to the sea,
		The lands of my father in fief,
		Still I needed a wife for the birth of my seed,
		The keys of my household to keep,

Leidra -		But beauty is cold and it burns in your mind,
		And it clutches onto your heart,
		In the cold of the night as you clung to my side
		Oh my love you burn in my heart,

All three voices in chorus:
Chorus:		Oh and I'll bring you spices and I'll bring you gold,
		I'll bring you wealth beyond all that you know,
		I'll make the seas run red with their blood,
		All for the glory of the woman that I love,

Beorn -		Ivar the wise spoke for me and my love
		The price of the bride was the deed,
		Fostered to Ragnar ulfgarson,
		A chieftain's daughter was she,

Ragnar -		200 marks is the price of her hand,
		And ye've 3 years to leave and return,
		And if at the end you're still lost from my lands,
		Then a dragon ship I shall burn,

Beorn -		So we struck up the sails and took to the oars,
		Easing the ship from its berth,
		As the winds and the tides cast our fates to the norns,
		Her last words in my heart still burned,
Leidra -		Oh please don't go in 3 years I will die,
		That's too long to live with out love
		Each night I shall weep and sigh in my sleep,
		Do you heed the songs of your blood?

Repeat Chorus:

Beorn -		I sailed the northern sea cross the ice bound Skagerrak,
		Down the Russian road to the sea,
		But 200 marks of silver were still quite beyond me grasp,
		And mikklegard is dearer than your dreams

		So we sailed that roman lake that the caliph called his own,
		And we taught that bastard how to cry,
		Blood and gold and steel and fire,
		Burned the shoreline to the stones,
		And the sons of Islam learned to die,

		For three years we traded steel, 
		Down that blood soaked Moorish coast,
		Our hulls were fit to bursting at the seas,
		In the end we made our way through the straits and up the coast,
		The Frankish lords were quaking in their dreams,

Leidra -		Where are you now I'm a feared you might die,
		You're so far from my arms,
		Each night I weep and sigh in my sleep, 
		Do you cry my name in the dark?

Repeat Chorus:

Ragnar -		For three years and a day my lands they seemed less,
		My daughter had eyes for the sea,
		On a day that was cold as Odin's dark chest,
		His sails from the headlands were seen,

		So she ran down the cliffs to the strength of his arms,
		As his ship was hauled up on the sands,
		By the time I could make my way down from his cairn,
		The treasure was high as a man,

Beorn -		The wedding was held on a bright autumn day,
		With feasting and rivers of ale,
		All the skalds swore their souls by the price of their fame,
		And legends of love born in flames,

Leidra -		Oh please hold me close, I'm aflame with desire,
		My hearts torn in two by your love,
		All the joy in my life as you make me your wife,
		It rivals the might of the sun,

Repeat Chorus: (All three voices)

Pubear's note: This song was written about the marriage of Beorn and Leidra. Since Leidra was Master Ragnar Ulfricson's foster Daughter, he hosted their wedding. This was my gift to them. With multiple singing parts, I wrote a song almost too hard for me to sing.

This song has a large part to do with I came back. I taught it to a lady named kat down in stargate, and she sang it in ansteorra while I was away. She also taught it to wolf from the stargate area, and he and his lady sang it often. As a note here, when I wrote this song, it was a slow piece. They did it in a much faster tempo, and with the multiple singing parts I had intended.

Before the bardic at Steppes Warlord in 2000, I had spent the previous few months trying to rewrite the music to this and improve it's performance. By the time most people heard me at the bardic, I had improved my performance several fold. This song and the people who sang it was responsible for the biggest leap in my performing ability.