Raven's Defender

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Skald of ravens speaks now,
Sporting tales of sword blows,
Listen gentle ladies,
Harken not to oafish sots,
Brilliance stands before you,
Bringing words of sharp swords,
Defender's deadly concourse,
Dealing steel of ravens,

Fort of raven fighting,
One-leg fiercely hunting 
When raven's food is raining,
Red blade brothers raiding,
Milk of bragi marking,
Mimir's spears are meeting,
Battle swans bring one eye,
For Freyja's crimson sword,

Heralds hail the sun bold,
Hildings oath sings greeting,
Gentle swings the sword flight,
But swift the heralds list,
Battle Trees inspected
Ring breaker brings riches,
Hildr's play brings honor,
Let hail of swords protect, 

Sword maiden's singing,
Swiftly lifting Tyr's swords,
Freyja's shields are friendly,
For all of baldr's swords,
The journey swiftly stopping,
Span of rainbow slowing,
To rest at raven's hall,
Rising battle roaring, 

Raven tempter trods on,
To the mead hall fallen,
Thunder sending torrents,
Tonight feasting brightens,
Lightning hammer laden,
Listing tightly downward,
Hammer strikes are singing,
Saga heroes boasting,

Pass the heroes' horn now,
Halting for the victor's drink,
Mighty meat is waiting,
Merry feasters boasting,
But when the battles done,
Brothers call where foes fall,
Fighters fiercely warring,
For the seat of honor.

Pubear's note: This is the first piece of mine done in a period style. When I decided that I wanted to try my hand at drottkvaett. When I won the title of RavenSkald, I decided to write my piece about an event in Raven's Fort. This was awfully fun, and I plan on doing more when I figure out how to perform this one.