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Copyright Notice for Bersi Ormstunga

All the poems, songs or stories used on this web page were written using one of the following Personae Names: 1) Bersi Ormstunga; 2)Pebyr Ap Cucorin; 3)Pubear. All of these personae names are David Seguin and are copyright by me. I give permission to print this material in any official or unofficial publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism subject to the following conditions: That my Personae name (Bersi Ormstunga, Pebyr Ap Cucorin or Pubear) appear with the material. That the material not be altered, (if you find something misspelled you can please fix that).

I request a copy of any publication in which my work appears. e-mail me at: dseguin*at* if you need a submission waiver, or an address to send a copy of the newsletter. Permission is given to include this material in online or printed songbooks subject to the same conditions.