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Bersi Ormstunga

Resident of the Barony of Bjornsborg

I am called Pubear, both in the society and in other places. I have been writing for twenty years. My single goal is to make my audience feel something. Every word and phrase in my pieces are directed towards that goal. To me the highest praise is to say that a piece made me feel something. Oddly enough, the first song I ever wrote, was written shortly after seeing an SCA demo at Aggiecon in 1980. It took me 10 more years to seek the society out, only to drop out 3 years later, because I really didn't understand it. The really weird part, is that just before I left, I wrote "Spices and Gold" and "For the Honor of the Crown". It seems as if I had the idea, but didn't realize it. Six and a half years later, I started playing again. Just goes to show you that even a bard be clueless...

Pubear can be contacted at: dseguin*at*

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Bear in the Woods
Heaven would be Hell
Spices and Gold
For the Honor of the Crown
The Shield Wall of Ansteorra
Everybody's Going to Die!
Emerald Keep


Autumn Hunt - 1990
A Hundred Men are Fighting
In the Darkness of the Moon
Raven's Defender