Heaven Would Be Hell

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Have you seen my lovely lassy?
When I see her in my dreams,
Late at night when thoughts are passing,
I wake up to see her smile,

The wind is high and the seas are hard,
A fair star guides me to your heart,
I swear by all I know is true,
Heaven would be hell without you,

Butterflies on maiden flights,
Love and beauty quickly lost,
When it's all you know of life,
Terror is a smiling face,

Repeat chorus:

Life is always desperation,
Fighting for what has been won,
God she is my inspiration,
My single saving grace,

Repeat chorus:

Dreams should never come to life,
Or you'll wonder when it ends,
When I look into your eyes,
You shines so bright it hurts to see,

Repeat chorus:

Pubear's note: The idea for this came one evening whilst guarding my lady against the evils of the wild on the way to the privy. As I sat outside sword in hand valiantly guarding, I stared at the stars and the first verse came to my mind. Eventually I surprised her with this at steppes warlord. You may expect that as my wife she has had many songs written for her, but it is hard to write down in words just how wondrous she really is. This is the first song I ever wrote that I felt even came close.