For the Honor of the Crown

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Here's to the eyes of a sweet lovely lass,
The charms of the wife that I've taken at last,
Here's to the queen that I've sworn to protect,
To serve in the end if I must with my death,

And Here's to tankard of good English Mead,
A toast to the Spanish, so well do they bleed,
And here's to the roll of the fife and the drum,
Let no man amongst us be the first to run,

Let the wind in the rigging be a sweet lullaby,
And the crash of the cannons be a good day to die,
For the glory of the queen and the beauty of my wife,
For the honor of the crown, I'll die, I'll die,
For the honor of the crown I'll die,

Here's to the ladies we've all grown to love,
A sweet lovely rose all a flower in the sun,
Here's to the joys that they've all learned to give,
How many men have died for the favor of a kiss,

And here's to the sea and the gold to be made,
So let's all toast to Phillip and the tolls that he's paid,
Here's to a fire and songs from the heart,
A tale told in wonder a roof made of stars,

Repeat chorus:

Here's to a dream and the flash of the steel,
For death is a coward when love takes the field,
Here's to my wife and her charms unsurpassed,
A vision of beauty, a dream come to past,

So raise up your tankards, and give me a toast,
For once and for all, let us bury our ghosts,
When the morning tide rolls in and our sails are full of hope,
Remember what your fighting for,
And be sure to count the gold!

Repeat chorus:

Pubear's note: This was written for Don Jeremy Scurlock. It was presented to him on the eve of his investiture as Baron of Bryn Gwlad. It was my intent to capture him, but since I came back to the SCA, it has become the song I sing to the queen. Kayleigh was the first, and ever after I dedicate it to the Ladies of the Rose.