Everybody's Going to Die

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Everybody's gonna Die, Hey!
Blood and sweat and gore and strife, yeah man!
Odin's gonna eat your eyes,
Everybody's gonna die,
Let's go swinging from a tree 
(Make gesture of hanging yourself from a tree)
Odin's pad, well it's the hip place to be,
Valhalla where all the cool cats are,
Slicing and dicing won't you have my heart
(Make gesture of handing your heart over)

Repeat Chorus:

Let's go sailing on the seas,
Them roman chicks are just too much for me,
I hear the pope wants to have a bash,
I think it's time that party crashed,

Repeat Chorus:

Let's go nailing christians to a cross,
Them crazy cats, I hear they think it's tops,
Thunder and lightning, Thor's my best friend,
A cool daddio, he's the living end,

Repeat Chorus:

At the very end, do a very bad Elvis impersonation and say,
"Thank you, Thank you very much".

Pubear's note: I wrote this song trying for a funny viking song. It's one of those songs that people come up to me later and curse me for sticking the chorus in their brains. Apparently it doesn't let go of you easily. Most people either hate it or love it. If you perform it, let it be at your own risk. Don't inflict it on those it causes pain. It's just not nice.

This piece should be done in a bad vegas lounge lizard singing voice, and does come complete with director's comments. Also, it does sound quite charming with other people doing a chorus line in back of you. This one's for you Snorri.