Emerald Keep

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

When I was young, I found a shiny stone,
Green as the grass and all the fields I'd known,
When I found one, I knew I wanted more,
By the river deep and wide,

Lay me down, 
By the river side,
Where the grass grows up to the sky,
There's keep of shiny emerald,
That's where I want to lie,

When I grew up, I wielded sword and shield,
Defending wife, my sons, my fertile fields,
The shire was strong, defending what we loved,
By the river deep and wide,

Repeat Chorus:

Now I am old, and all my sons are grown,
My wife lies still, beneath of yonder stone,
Our life was rich and now it's time to go,
By the river deep and wide,

Repeat Chorus:

Pubear's note: For the Shire of Emerald Keep. When I won the Titled Bardic for Emerald Keep, it was only the second time I'd ever won a bardic in the society or out of it. They are a great bunch of people and this is the song I wrote for them.