Bear in the Woods

© By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

I want to see the stars in the skies,
I want to listen as the heavens cry,
There's a bear in the woods,
Singing soft and low,
Dreaming of the days of long ago,

Take your shields to the sides,
Hold your swords and pistols high,
We're bound in for the coast,
We're on a reiver's road,
Give me an end that's worth a song,

Repeat Chorus:

I can still remember the man,
But now I'm left to understand,
His song it touched my soul,
And it never let it go,
Ragnar why did you leave us behind,

Repeat chorus:

Well it's all about the stars,
And a song sung from the heart,
Cause when it grabs your soul,
It will never let it go,
Your heart will sing that song until you die

Repeat Chorus:

Pubear's note: This song was written to the barony of bjornsborg. One night at a bardic, I heard Mistress Mari sing a song called "Farewell to Bjornsborg". As I wrote this, I found myself writing about Ragnar. He always made me feel welcome, at a time when I did not always feel so.