Autumn Hunt

©1990 (October 19) By Bersi Ormstunga (David Seguin)

Hush my love its time to go hunt once more,
To pit our swords and our lives and our hounds gainst the Boar,
For our children are hungry and they don't know why,
So just pray to god that it's not my turn to die,

In the last days of autumn as winter drew near,
Just my companions and I and a cold keg of Beer,
Tall Michael he rode as proud as the sky,
While Sir Thorkill he stalked with a stern eagle eye,

And the fair willow wisp a brave warrior maid,
Armed with dagger and spear to find the boar they would slay,
Her sweetness and beauty her glorious youth,
Oh the words to describe her would pale next the truth,

The hounds that went with us were the finest in years,
And the bravest of all Olaf led from the rear,
Lord they gave up their lives and their manly possessions,
With olaf to give them a few timely lessons,

Well the hunting went well as we ran through the trees,
Till thorkill wounded the boar at the packs howling lead,
Tall michael with pear left the boar to his fate,
Allowing sweet willow to shove her spear through its face,

Now having slaughtered the boar they said there was no game,
And drinking our beer we agree that that was a shame,
But the master of hunts swore more game was afoot,
So we rousted the hounds and poor olaf got screwed,

Cause back at the kennel in thanks for his years,
Olaf the old had himself a fine crock of beer,
But never let it be said olaf wasn't brave,
It's just he could sniff better ways to waste his days

Now in the woods we found the greatest boar of them all,
With tusks great as spears I swear he stood 8 feet tall,
But Thorkill Magnateson was indeed the bravest of brave,
And valiantly faced the boar who laid him in the grave,

But michael though he tried could not save thorkill's life,
Still let it be sworn unto god that he valiantly tried,
So he thrust with his spear laid the boar in his blood,
And rushed to his friend who lay so still in the sun,

But when the weeping was done there were more boars to hunt,
Thorkill's memory was honored by boars dead in the sun,
Marcum with dagger lept in to hack one boar apart,
But gentle willow d'wisp speared it straight through the heart,

But yet have I spoke of the bravest of dogs,
Yaps the courageous though I'm afraid she was lost,
She hamstrung the beast bringing it to the ground,
So tall Michael with spear could poke it to the ground,

And how bout the poor rabbit who would feel quite wounded,
Without due mention of leaving the dogs looking rooted,
With the aid of the skunk they made the pack smell,
And the lives of the hunters a dire living hell,

Now Richard had been wounded and left on his own,
Till our hunting party gave him a staff to limp home,
But when michael prepared to do the last boar in,
Richard asked if he could and with dagger slew him,

But the dogs started howling in grief to the sky,
For olaf the old had been laid down to die,
He was boared to death and taken to tusk,
And now his cold body was still in the dust,

Though the hunt was successfull we still had to grieve,
For poor Thorkill lay cold and still or so we believed,
Imagine our joy as in wonder we spied,
Brave Thorkill swaying too drunk to die,

And one last thing I must say before I can go,
It was commanded that I must let you know,
Between Willow and Michael was noticed this fact,
That combined they could count just two dents and a scratch,

Though my tale it has ended I must let you know,
I thought you might like to know where olaf did go,
Now I'm not really sure that any of you would believe,
He off in Valhalla drinking a large bowl of mead,

Yaps the courageous was latered brought back to be lassie, where she showed weekly
how brave and intelligent a canine could be and how depressingly stupid her
"Intelligent" human masters could be.

Olaf was of course brought back as "Alex" from the Strohs beer commercials.  As if
that would surprise anyone.

Pubear's note: When I won the Titled Bardic for Emerald Keep, it was only the second time I'd ever won a bardic inMy second SCA event, was Bjornsborg fall court 1990. This lady named willow was asking for a bard to travel along with her group and write something about the hunt that was scheduled that day. A friend told her I was a bard, and she asked if I would do this. I agreed, and this is the piece that I wrote that afternoon and performed at court that night. Though at the time, I didn't know who she was was, if you haven't guessed, the lady was her grace, Duchess Willow.

Dedicated in Loving Memory to:

Yaps the Courageous (played by Berengaria) &
Olaf The Wundar Dog (played by Master Ragnar Ulfgarsson)