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Pendaran Glamorgan

Resident of the Barony of the Bryn Gwlad

Greetings and may the blessings of almighty God be upon you. My name is Sir Pendaran Glamorgan, and despite my Welsh name, I hail from Gloucestershire in Western England. (My name is the result of being the youngest son of a Welsh mother.) I have, in my day, traveled across much of France fighting in King Edward's wars against the French, and while on sojourn to the Duchy of Burgundy I met my lady wife, Baroness Jehanne d'Avignon. I brought my lady home to the Cotswolds where we acquired Twin Oak, our manor in northern Gloucestershire. Sadly, however, we fled England ahead of the advancing plague that has swept Europe, and sought shelter here in Ansteorra. Though the climate here is rather inhospitable, the people are goodly and kind. Thus, against our expectations, Jehanne and I have made a home in Ansteorra, in the barony of Bryn Gwlad where we even sat as the Baron and Baroness for some five years. We miss our home in the gentle English countryside, but enjoy life in Ansteorra. And though some day we must travel to Burgundy to secure the manor of San Censoir for our young son, that day has not yet come. As is good and fitting for a knight, I enjoy writing poetry for my lady and the entertainment of others. (I do not write songs as I have no voice for singing.) I am most inspired by a young English poet named Chaucer, whom I think will make his mark in times to come. My intent is to chronicle as much Ansteorran history as possible, but often find myself too distracted by the beauty of my lady wife and other great Ansteorran ladies to write of war. But is it not the duty of a knight to praise beauty when he sees it? And thus you see my life; that of a simple country knight. You may reach me at twinoak*at*

In Christ's name I remain,


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