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Bardic Mentor Program

The purpose of the Bardic Mentor Program is to further bardic education in Ansteorra by connecting students with prospective teachers. If you wish to learn/teach a particular bardic art, you are invited to send your contact information to the bardic virtual scribe.

Name Location Seeks to Learn Able to Teach
Alden Drake Gate's Edge Period Poetry
Song Writing Techniques
Sonnet Composition
Bawdy Songs
Sea Shanties
Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra Steppes Everything Historical Context of the Bard
Historical THemes
Performance and Placement
Props and Propriety
Elanor O'Ruark Elfsea Irish poetic forms
Period Irish songs, stories, poetry
More period forms and styles (format, meter, rhyme scheme, etc.)
Beginning Bardic 101 (Counting on Your Hands)
Competition Preparation
Basic Sources and Resources
Bardic Etiquette
Bardic Bootcamp
Garraed Galbraith, OP, OL Ealdormere   OL - Bardic Arts (Mostly vocal music and poetics)
Gerald of Leesville Stargate Historic Music
Bardic Essentials, Performance Enhancement
Bodhran Playing
Oral Tradition in Instrumental Music
Sea Shantys
Keelia Ravensfort Anything, especially documentation of works Middle English Pronunciation(?)
Basic Bard Etiquette
Liliana Byrnes Mooneschadowe Songs
Performance Styles
Staging for Performances
SCA Beginner Songs
Medieval Theater (Western Europe)
Maggie MacPherson Steppes   Chinese Poetry
English Carol
(Simone) Mauriann ingen Seinan Ui'Dunlaignhe Dragonsfire Tor Any practical way to present Chaucerian poetry for a modern audiance Vocal production for Bards and Hearlds
Bardic Reserch and Documentation
Performing for an SCA Audiance
Preperation and Rehersal (why is it important)
Walking the fires (The Roaving Bard)
Mea Passavanti Stargate Period Notation and Composition
Period Poetic Forms
Vocal Technique and Phonetics w/ Emphasis on Romance and Oriental Languages
Patrick Callahan Raven's Fort If I have any bardic talent that I might be able to use. Unable to teach at this time.
Svetlana Andreivna Volkova     Russia