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Mea Gulianna Passavanti

Resident of the Barony of the Stargate

I had been performing for a little while when I met a young woman while singing at the Ren-Faire. I had heard of the SCA and interacted with it a small bit at university of houston and the like... Hoever, this woman convinced me to go out to my first event - Quest for the Clover - and asked me to sing. She didn't really bother to tell me why (she has a habit of that kind of thing you know. Just ask Gerald) but she thought I would have fun with it. I won my first Bardic competition that evening and I still have the little Music box that my "friend" Kat presented to me.

Since then I have performed off and on. I still primarily sing adding Bodhran and poetry to the mix at times. I feel as if I've just re-joined the Bardic community after a hiatus of a few good years... but its coming back to me S-L-O-W-L-Y.

I hope to add a few pieces to the page here and there as I pull them out of the depths of chaos... so hopefully there will be more to come. I can be contacted most readily at mea.passavanti*at*, and love hearing from others who enjoy the same things.

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