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Maggie MacPherson

Resident of the Barony of the Steppes

My father named me Laih Mei Jan, however, you will not be able to say that right, so please call me Maggie MacPherson. I have traveled from the far Eastern lands to this kingdom of equality and freedom. I love to share the poems of my country, the 'True' Middle Kingdom, and will willingly share one if asked for I love these tales of my homeland. You will find that we are not so very different from you. I also love to sing the songs from these Western lands. Sometimes, I will even embrace those Western muse and write a song or two.

I have other interests as well. I wear armor and carry a sword in honor of our Ansteorran King. I also love to use the soft silks or the worm from my homeland in creating pictures on fabric.

I am honored to live in the Barony of the Steppes in this glorious kingdom, where I live with my husband and daughter.

Use this contact page to get in touch with me: Click the button by "Genie" to send to my personal address.

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