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Magdalia Mac an Ghabhann

Resident of the Shire of Loch Ruadh

I am Lady Magdalia Mac an Ghabhann and I reside in the fair Shire of Loch Ruadh. I was a bard before I knew there was a name for what I was doing! I have been in the SCA for going on 13 years and this last year is the first year I have not competed in some form of bardic competition or performed as a bard. But never fear, I will be back!. Everyone has what makes the SCA dream come alive for them, for me a large part of the SCA dream is to entertain those around me be it in song, prose, or actions. I love seeing whats around me and composing a song or poem about it for those participating. If you wish to talk to me about what I do as a bard you can reach me at PBW_RN *at* Yahoo *dot* com.

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