The Knight Becomes a Laurel

©Gerald of Leesville (Gerald Norris)

The martial arts the knight knows well,
Their  prowess all can see.
But under belt & spur & chain,
a cultured gentle be.
And once again, among those that inspire chivalry,
The laurelate have found a soul to wear the laurel leaves .

His wordcraft is impecible, a poet straight & true,
The verbal tapestry he weaves is of a brilliant hue.
With love & with his lady's help in Bryn Gwalad he ruled
And helped to build "the baron's men" of  gifted actors schooled

A master of performance will this gallent gentle be.
Whose tales inspire young & old with his delivery.
Now comes the knight to kneel before their stellar majesties
A white belt, chain & spurs he wears, and soon a laurel's leaves.

Gerald's note: Written at the request of his majesty Miguel Sebastian de Oporto for the laurelling ceremony of Pendaren Glamorgan) AS XXXVII July 12.