John Peregrine's Song

© (Lyrics) Gerald of Leesville (Gerald Norris), Tune: "Man of La Mancha"

Listen now, as I sing of a warrior true,
Hear me speak of Sir John Peregrine.
A proud fighter from Drachenwald, far from our shores,
This is where this knight's story begins.

Known as slayer of boars and a champion of kings
He has fought for his country and liege
Like the strike of a falcon his sword quickly rings ,
A stalwart Centurion is he.

He's a knight of the Dark Star,
and wears chain and white belt,
A just and a good man is he,
And inspired by Honor, his swift sword is guided
to bring him to sure victory.

Through his travels and trials there is one guiding star,
She's his lady, and Honor's her name.
While a warrior proud, with an arm straight and true,
At her feet he would lay all his fame.

For what worth has a knight without love in his heart?
What are deeds if inspired by none?
In each battle, each action, each glory attained,
For the sake of his Honor are done.


Gerald's note: Commissioned by Her Serpentine Excellency Cateau de Ardennes for John Peregrine.