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Gerald of Leesville

Resident of the Barony of the Stargate

My wife dragged me into the SCA in 1994. I wandered about, the first few years, until I was "tricked" into competing in a Kingdom Eistedfod with a meager five songs under my belt. Thus was my addiction to bardic begun. With the addition of flute, recorder, and bodhran to my arsenal I can now pretty much feed my addiction wherever I go.

While I've written pieces from time to time, only recently have I been inspired to try to write about the histories of Ansteorra, so that new songs may blend with the old, and help tell the tales of our lovely kingdom, and the good people that make up its strength. I also enjoy playing for dancers and with other musicians.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you sometime. I can be contacted at jerryn*at*

Here are a few of my poems and songs.

See Copyright Notice.


The Commanders Excuse
John Peregrine's Song
A Knight becomes a Laurel
Ansteorra Never Yields
Ansteorra Never Yields (Sheet Music)
I Will Promise You a Fortnight
Lineage of Loch Soillier
A Promise Made by Me