If You Stand Against the Sable Star

(To the tune of "The Minstrel Boy")
©Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael)

If you stand against the sable star
With an eye to murder and plunder
The battle ground that you stand hereon
Is the land you'll soon be lyin' under
Foemen you will not rue this day
For you'll not see another
You seek to ravish my lady-land
And you seek to slay my brother

If you stand against the sable star
And would wage us bloody battle
Our arm is steady and our will is strong
And we'll cut you down like cattle
Ansteorrans side by side
An army like no other
You shall not ravish my lady land 
And you Shall not slay my brother!

Eleanor's note: I wrote this, belatedly for the Anthem competition held by Their Majesties Kayleigh and Drake. Since The Minstrel Boy is the song most requested of me by heavy fighters, I thought that they might already know the tune. The song has not gotten much air time, but I intend to fix that.