Jehanne's Song

©Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael)

You ladies who sing of your lord's chivalry
Come still your tongues, I've a story to tell
I'll sing you a tale which did happen to me
A lady knows honor as well

A fortnight now hence my handmaiden and I
Were riding for pleasure along by the sea
Behold from the waves, a fair Island did rise
A golden bridge beckoned to me

And there for our pleasure a table was laid
The guests of the Lady of Lions we were
And Jousting and feasting and music was played
All for the glory of her

A ripple of silence then greeted my ear
Power and Poetry then graced my sense
A noble white knight stood alone on the field
I've not been the same ever since

A more courtly gentle there never has been
He's noble and silent and graceful and strong
His gaze it was fire, my love he did win
Though, Jesu, I knew it was wrong

A private encounter requested he then
Despite my desire, I answered him nay
That magical island would not see me sin
So true to my husband I'd stay

The spell thus was broken, my glad eyes could see
He swept off his helm; I at last saw his face
“My Lady Jehanne, you do honor to me.
My wife you do well know your place”

So ladies, you see that fidelity's best
And purity numbers with virtues above
Stay true to your promises, even when pressed
For Woman takes glory in love

Eleanor's note: I wrote this song in one day (not my usual turnaround time) to commemorate a happening at a certain Lyonesse. The story happened just as I tell it.