To Answer Hector's Challenge:

©Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael)

I have been asked to tell you of the glories of my homeland
And I could speak of forests, plains, and morning's gold aurora.
And yet the sunrise I would claim, shines also on your own land
The self same breeze upon your face, blows too in Ansteorra.

I'd tell you of the heron, and the iris and the clover
The live oak and the maple and the waters cool and clear.
I'd speak of mighty mountains but that would not win you over
The grass that grows so green at home, grows green in Ealdormere

I'd tell you of the Lion's roar that echoes through the night
I'd tell you of the Sable Star, which girds our hearts for glory
And yet I know the White Bear is the Lion's match in might
And the North Star, shining, guides you, in that too, we share the story.

We have a mighty Monarch, and such beauty reigns beside him
Our Barons lead their people proud in peace as well as war.
Yet your king rules in splendour with his own fair queen to guide him
And your Barons show me what the word "nobility" is for.

This task I thought so simple, now I struggle to define it
No words have I to give you of my kingdom's greater claim.
I cannot meet your challenge, so I sadly must decline it.
Snow or sun land, we are one land. And as one, we are the same.