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Eleanor Fairchild

Moved to Ealdormere

My name is Eleanor Fairchild, and I am delighted call myself an Ansteorran Bard. I found the SCA in 1990 at a Christmas revel in the shire of Greywood. I distinctly remember thinking that honey butter was the best food I had ever eaten, and sitting at the feet of a real live Baron, someone named Gilwell, I think. Listening to poem after story after poem with the wide eyes of a newcomer. I remember thinking, “Well, that is what I wanna do.” Since then I have been continually collecting music, poetry, clothing, and hobbies which I can somehow put to use in the Society. If you see me playing a lap harp at an event, it is thanks to my wonderful husband Don Aeron Harper, who designs and builds them for me.

It has seemed to me that bardcraft is somehow a scarce thing at events these days, and I have a newfound commitment to help revive what I can. I am very excited to share my original works with you through this medium, and I welcome your questions or comments about them. I am currently working on a recording of my original music and arrangements, though I do not yet have any idea when it will be completed.

Thank you for reading.

Please email me at trulinor*at*

See Copyright Notice.


Though I am Small
Jehanne's Song
Lorena's Song
Maiden's Hope
Music won't win the Wars
You're on your way there
Passing of the Crown
Queen's Champion Song
Rose and Laurel
If You Stand Against the Sable Star
The Sad Song
The Star of the Southland
Stand Brother Stand
Twilight Ride
How Many Have I Left Behind
Where Do We Get 'Em and Why?
The Wind Can Only Whisper


Cupid's Darts
The Contract
For those I met in Ealdormere
To Answer Hector's Challenge
My Heart's Own Hero
Sonnet (5/9/2003)
A Sonnet For Owen Alun
Triolet for the loss of a king