For Those I Met in Ealdormere

©Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael)

I've been somehow feeling homesick for a place I've never seen
Where the wolf and bear stand proud and fair, the scarlet banners fly.
I have heard the restless whispers through the southern evergreens
"You are far from where your heart lives", I have heard the voices cry.

I have often felt a stranger; I have walked like one alone
I've ever longed for voices strong for fair polyphony
I feel I've been transplanted, to a garden not my own
In the south there grows a Trillium, and I, I fear, am she

But then you reached within me and have kindled long-cold fire
The embers glow, and melt the snow with long forgotten rhyme
Ah, you have found your destiny, to move and to inspire
For I've been too long in solitude, the solace is sublime

As the ice in northern winters melts into the promised spring
I shall flower, I shall flourish, I shall fill the air with song
For your voice is here within me and I'm bound to let it sing
I have heard your heart-song's melodies, and I shall play along

So let me offer you what you have wakened fresh in me
Let me be your shining shadow from the far-off southern shores
I craft these simple words for you, in hopes that you will see
As you honor well your heroes' deeds, I now shall honor yours.