Lofty Cupid's Darts

©Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael)

Methinks that lofty Cupid's Darts
When aim-ed at unwitting hearts
Instead do pierce the soul which smarts
When love is unrequited.
For pity, lady, spare me, do!
For as I breathe these words are true
My soul is forfeit unto you
And I should be delighted
If you would look in me and smile
And bid me tarry for a while
For I would walk full half a mile
To fetch your heart's desire

Your virtues fair, your beauty bright
Have helped me lie awake at night
For who could sleep when such a light
Igniteth love's pure fire
That fire now doth make me bold
And bids me ask what I would hold
Some ribbon bright or trinket old
I ask for friendship's token
But if your heart, no friendship hide
I charge thee, bid me stand aside,
In humbled silence I'll abide,
Although my heart be broken.

Eleanor's note: Written - For Dudley Fauntleroy to recite at as many ladies as he possibly can, with as little sincerity as possible.