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Kingdom Eisteddfod

Barony of the Steppes
06 January 2006

A missive from HL Elanor O'Ruark, Kingdom Bard,

In as much as I am aware of the swift passage of time, and that Steppes Twelfth Night moves nearer, here is the format for the Kingdom Bardic Competition. I know that many of you start early in preparation for this event and I would like to aid you in your quest to be ready. The format will be as follows:

  • First round will be bard's choice. If your piece is documentable, it will be encourged but not required. Verbal documentation that is complete and concise will also be accepted.

  • Second round will be the judges choice. I will have a bowl or hat that the judges will draw from for that performance. It may be a request for a certain form, such as story or song, or it may be a requst for a prticular theme, such as chivalry, love, or battle.

  • The judges will then choose approximatly 3-5 finalists, depending on the number of competitors. The final round will be an Ansteorran piece.

My motivation for this format stems from the proclivity of the Crown, or the Nobility to call on the Kingdom Bard at a moment's notice when the need arises......and you had better be ready and able to perform when summoned. Also, The final round choice stems from my feelings that if you are vying for the title of Kingdom Bard you had better be able to perform pieces about your Kingdom! You are the keeper of Her history for the tenure of your title, you should know about Her and Her people.

Anyone with any questions may feel free to contact me by e-mail at I will be glad to answer them as best I may. wolffsrun at

HL Elanor O'Ruark
Premier Bard of Ansteorra