Ulfies Plague

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

A north man true from Nordsteorra
Armed with poem verse and story
Such a man Ulf Gunnarsson
Who's friends they call him Ulfie

Beware this Man Ulf Gunnarsson
Beware Plague's awful Maw
For to know this man Ulf Gunnarsson
You soon will say "Ja-ja"

At bardic fire, cloaked in night
I saw him wander in
I heard him tell such tales of old
And the Plague was on me then

An Irish shade of bardic bent
Spinning tales of darkling paws
Chanced upon this man called Ulfie
Now he says "Ja-ja"

Namrons new and noble Baron
'Twas Ulfies Plague he'd draw
For there in court with Ulf before him
The Baron said "Ja-ja"

Even now the crown infected
At Protectorate we saw!
For Ulf was called to be a master
And the king he said "Ja-ja"

So I beg you now Beware this Man!
Though it be not rule or law.
Know him but for a moment long
You too will say "Ja-ja"