The Lady Swan

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

When first she came unto the dock
A derelict at best
She listed to the port so hard
Her rails upon the wharf did rest

Once she was the Lady Swan
Fierce and proud and free
But now I try to find her Glory
This is what I see

Her main mast broke by cannon fire
Hailed from the Spanish fleet
Nothing of her sail remains
Save rags around our feet

Her keel is cracked by storms at sea
Her crew has logged ashore
The hull is breached at water line
A gaping seeping sore

We have no choice but sink the Swan
And let her cannons rust
And I her final watch will stand
At the dawn there comes what must

To see this noble lady fall
It brings a tear to eye
Remembering her valiant fight
I can not help but cry

Pursued by three great warships
She ran Gibraltar clean
The first one came up broad side
Again they'll not be seen

The other two came either side
Their guns a hellish choir
The swan began to light the sky
Her yards engulfed in fire

Their Gunners struck upon the mast

And at the water line
Then they left her to the storm
The sea would not be kind

In seven Days she limped to port
A wounded warrior from the field
And in the morn the Lady swan
Will to Poseidon finally yield<