The Bardic Fire

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

As pilgrims seeking inspiration
Like lonely travelers in cloak of dusk
We come unto the bardic fire
Stilling now our wander lust

Where tales of old shall whet our hearts
And bring to mind the warriors' blade
Where hero's bold shall battle on
Where lovers rest in bowers shade

Merry dance the tounges of fire
Round fuel of story, verse, and song
Hear we now the crafty tale
Wars and battles lost and won

Embers glow like burning eyes
The good folk peer from under hill
Crackling steps come through the wood
The raven cries so long and shrill

Smoke swirls up to star lit sky
Forming creatures dark and fea
The bardic fire comes to life
And story teller fades away

Darius' note: This poem is for all the bards who have inspired me over the years.