Take a Boat to Warlord

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

You can take a bard to North Keep
To sing songs of hero's past
Or a Minstrel down to Bordermarch
Where music's sure to last

You can take a smith to Elfsea
Making boar spears through the night
Or perhaps an axe Bryn Gwlad
Though a halberd would be right

You can take a dress to Stargate
And be sure it is well sewn
But take a boat to Warlord,
When a Porto's on the throne!

To Bjornsborg take a honeybee
Or perhaps a dragonfly
And to Wiesenfeuer a weasel
Though I'm sure I don't know why

To Bonwicke Take a Sunshade
For the sun it does burn bright
And to Eldern Hills a drum or two
To play throughout the night

To RavensFort some mead will do
It's worth there will be known
But take a boat to Warlord
When a Porto's on the Throne!

Turnips if your Namron bound
To please their nordic lord
And Armor down to Loch Soilleir
If you care to test you sword

Such things will go most anywhere
Beneath the Sable Star
Good cheer and friends will greet you
Regardless where you are

But I must give all this caution
Wherever you may roam
Just take a boat to Warlord
When a Porto's on the Throne!