Rosalia's Song

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

For a time I have wondered alone with my thoughts
The road before me untraveled do I take it or not?
Do I fly to the lady singing "Damned be the toll",
Or do I take no step further, and with regret then grow old?

The lady is lovely, sweet Rosalia
With a voice like an angel and a face fine to see
For her I'd do battle with all the stars in the sky
I would fill with sweet water a well that's run dry

I set a foot down before me on this road I must go
Though what lies there before me I simply don't know
A rose I'll bear with me to this lady so fair
A rose I bear with me for it's all that I dare

I pray to the father and I travel a while
Then I pray to the mother and I pray for her smile
I know that my journey has an uncertain end
Now I travel with purpose, to no fear will I bend

Now I travel far southward over hill and or plain
Turning back is no option for there's naught there to gain
So I fly to the lady singing "Damned be the toll"
I fly to the lady Over fields made of gold