My Heart is Written

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

Ah… To be so young and in love together
It is to this thing the poet's heart aspires
You can see this questing in their eyes
As they set their hands to trusted lyres

They write of roses in dew of sunrise
Of midnight walks in soft spring showers
They sing of tender soft caresses
They sing of lovers in soft green bowers

This love is that of which they dream
That in their hearts they never hope to find
Yet as I look into your eyes
It is this jewel within that shines

So now does terror strike my heart
As I look far forward in to this unknown
I can not see where this road goes
As the muses do now songs intone

So now do I sleep and hope to dream
Of you my love, and us together
One day soon I'll be at your side
Then for this dream we can endeavor

Until that time I look far south
I think of you and your hand in mine
One can see this in my eyes
As my heart is written by my rhyme