If Robin Hood Lost Marion

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

If Robin Hood lost Marion
Would the legends be the same?
If he had not love to guide him
How true would be his aim?

Would he lead the men of Sherwood,

'gainst the tyranny of John
Would he take to heart Will Scarlet,
And the meaning of his song

But would we yet remember
A beaten, broken man
Or maybe then a highwayman
Spilling blood across the land

Would the shire reeve of Notingham
Have taken her instead
And would poor Robin in this case
Be aloud to keep his head?

Would then the noble Lion Heart
Have pardoned him the same
With no union to the crown
Where would be the gain?

Would he fight for truth and freedom?
Would he murder, cheat, and steal
How would this world be different?
If this fantasy were real