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Darius of the Bells

Resident of the Barony of Elfsea

I am Master Darius of the Bells, Laurel of Ansteorra. Here are a few of my poems and songs.

Master Darius can be contacted at: masterdarius*at*

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Ansteorra's Own
Children of the Black Star
Just One Time
Rosalia's Song
The Voyage Home


Forged in the Fire
The Black Star Calls
The Bardic Fire
My Heart is Written
The Lady Swan
The Oath
If Robin Hood Lost Marion
A sonnet For Rosalia
Sonnet for Rosalia #2
To Dragons Fire Tor
Two Gold Rings
Ulfies Plague
Sing of Elfsea - missing file
Take a Boat to Warlord
I have no need for chasing dreams
My Love
A Laureling Thought