A Laureling Thought

©Darius of the Bells (Don Riney)

Once I thought of Grandeur, of Thistles, Iris too
And what I wouldn't do, for a belt of emerald hue

Then with belt around me, my craft would soon be seen
But just what did it mean, this belt of emerald green

I learned that it was not enough, to wear the belt so bold
I found that it was not enough, crafting works as bright as gold

I saw the dream before me, and I cried, "what does it take?"
No longer would I wear the belt, for just the belt's own sake.

To great ideal I now would strive, to noble virtues true
For now it was a part of me this belt of Emerald hue

In all that time I hoped and dreamed, to one day hear the call
The circle for to summon me of those within the hall

A light of truth, to teach and learn, is now what I must do
All that I can with in the dream, with leaves of Emerald hue.

Darius' note: This Poem was written the week I was Announced to be a Laurel as I realized I would be giving up my apprentice belt.