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Ansteorran Choir

The above link will direct you to information on and resources for the Ansteorran Choir, a program directed by HL Mea Giuliana Passavanti

Local Bardic Guilds

The above link provides information on various bardic guilds meeting around the kingdom. Find one near you, or start one and have it included in the list!

Mentor Program

The above link provides names of bards, their areas of expertise, and areas in which they wish to obtain further knowledge. Please use this list to connect yourself with other bards to further your bardcraft!

The following are bardic education articles written by SCA bards and hosted on this website:

General Bardcraft

  • What is a Bard? - Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra


  • To Tell a Tale of Terror - Finnacan Dub

    Reference Materials

  • The Chaucer Songbook by Carol Lloyd Wood