Why Now My Lady Cries

by Antonia Santiago da Lagos (Dawn Rummel)

Why now my lady cries, I do not know.
She hangs her head in silence, turns to me 
And in her sorrowed eyes, all that I see:
Heaven and earth.  Dear, God!  I love her so!

Her beauty brightens with each burning tear.
When once she smil'd, Creation sang anew
Of joy and love and happiness too few
Will ever see.  The world at once was clear.

What's to be done, I wish that I now knew,
To ease the pain I see in her grave face -
Stop wind! Move mount! Or take her from this place!
I speak: "Whate'er you ask, I'll gladly do."

She takes my hand - hers cold as newest snow
Then lets it fall, and, quiet, bids me "Go."