The Order of the Rose

by Antonia Santiago da Lagos (Dawn Rummel)

Being a gift of love to the esteemed Order from their humble and honored servant, Dona Antonia Bianca Santiago
da Lagos, first delivered at Steppes Warlord, AS XXXVIII.

Beauty, Wit, and Grace once met
In Nature's garden gleaming
To talk amongst themselves and set
A task before them, being:
They sought to make a royal guide
For Ansteorra's gentler side.

Beauty spoke in dulcet tone:
"A lady fair she'll be
To rule with splendor from the throne - 
A jewel for all to see.
She'll win the hearts of friend and foe
When all her charms she choose bestow."

Now Wit bespoke with mirth and light,
"Good intellect she'll need
With all her words she will delight
And gently plant the seed
Of learning, poetry, and arts - 
She'll take this path into their hearts."

As each her shining gift upheld
Grace had listened on.
"Elegance unparalleled
She quietly shall own.
Her courtesy will win them all;
By graciousness she will enthrall."

At this they felt their task was near
But not quite finished yet.
Then solemn Wisdom did appear
"Good Sisters, you have set
A noble goal - I'd offer up
Myself to help you fill this cup."

"Judiciously she'll rule each day
To serve her people well.
Still other gifts will find their way
Into her heart to dwell:
Talents rare and courage bold,
Kindness soft and strength untold."

At this she paused.  "If each fine gift
To single maid is giv'n,
Surely God would come and lift
Her up straight-way to heav'n.
Too glorious she'll be to live
Upon this Earth, her life to give."

"Instead we'll choose which aspects will
Unto each Queen be known.
Their union will be stronger still
When they step from the throne."
And thusly are the finest chose
To be the Order of the Rose.