For Master Thomas of Tenby

by Antonia Santiago da Lagos (Dawn Rummel)

On the eve of his investiture as Baron of Bryn Gwlad

Do you see the newest lady clad in borrowed cotton gown?
Do you mark the way she looks with awe upon our sovereign crown?
Do you hear the children masquerade as baron, lord or knight - 
Do you know they are our future, fading dim or burning bright?
Do you see the gray-haired Duke as he stands proud upon the field
Leading warriors to victory with halberd, sword, and shield?
Do you mark the mighty company of war that guards your land?
Do you hear the sweetest music played by Bryn Gwlad's own hand?
Will you look upon your artisans with pride in all they show?
Are you thankful for those serving more than you will ever know?
Do you see that lives can balance on the merest spoken phrase
Or smallest deed or quickest glance to fall from thine own gaze?
Do you understand the power and the burden soon your own?
Will you lead and will you follow in this land you call a home?
You have started down a path that many noble folk have trod
You have taken up this banner - hold it fast for Bryn Gwylad!